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Welcome to Lloyd'z Motor Workz (aka. Hard On Horsepower)

Specializing in performance parts and tuning of Victory Motorcycles. We are the leading performance shop in the field of Victory. At no other place will you find a better reputation or more knowledgeable staff than @ Lloyd'z.

Lloyd Greer & Brian Klock at Bonneville

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LLOYDZ Supercharger Kit


For information, pricing, and availability call 845-744-4889, or email Danny at parts@lloydz.com

Lloydz Indian Muffler is Here!

LLOYDZ Indian Performance Slip-On Mufflers are now available with, or without baffles, for Chief,Vintage Roadmaster and Chieftain models. LLOYDZ slip-ons are already a favorite for those who have heard, and/or tried them. With baffles, the sound is slightly louder than stock. Without, you'll get a loud, deep, and throaty roar. Check 'em out!

Lloydz AFR Gen4

The most powerful, user friendly tuning device on the market. The unit combines an AFR gauge, a wide band O2 sensor, and EFI tuning technology. Basic fuel trimming is available right away, but programming software is available to unlock the full potential of the EFI tuning. Availablewith or without handlebar mount. More AFR Details & photos.

Conquest Customs® Assault Pipe

The Assault pipe has a 7 step design with a merged collector and race baffle for full flow with minimal reversion. Features a "high exit" for improved lean angle and fully heat sheilded head pipes with a 4.5" 6061 Billet exhaust tip. More Details.

Pingel Electric Speed Shifter Kit

pingel shifter photo

Designed for full or partial throttle "on" clutchless up shifting with a single push of the button. Down shifting is also achieved by a push of the downshift button. Clutch use is required for starting and stopping only. The perfect match for male and female riders who own bikes that require a lot of hand strength to pull in the clutch lever. More Details.

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